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To develop the BEST 3D video,4K earth Zoom,earth zoom with drone video for your products,services or ideas.

To develop the BEST 3D video,4K earth Zoom,earth zoom with drone video

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About us:

Graphic and motion Designer.

Highly creative multi-talented graphics designer with well over extensive experience in multimedia, marketing and print design. Exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills.

3D video promotion is one of the best marketing tool, which enables you to show all the product specifications in details and show all features .

We will make an eye-catching video to promote your (  Electronic, Solid, No fabrics or fluid ) products,services,ideas.

Why us : 
  • Professional team with excellent skills.
  • 3 years experience making motion videos.
  • High quality details and reflections.
  • Modern design style .
  • Good price for such work.

Gig essential requirement :
  • 3D model file format ( .max, .c4d, .obj, .fbx, .step )
  • If you don't have a 3D model file contact us and we will make it for you "FREE"

The new best quality Earth zooming gig With 4K video resolution.

What Kind of zooming that you could get with this gig:

  •  Earth zooming to a location ( basic & standard )
  • Showing a race map, start to end. ( premium )
  • Zooming to a country, city and location . ( premium )
  • Direct from point A to point B. ( premium )

Do you have a footage taken by your camera or drone, and you want to make a map zooming along with your video, you are in the right place.

we made this gig to meet all your needs of locations zooming.

we introduce a pro map zooming and you can add your drone video or any footage with : 

  • High quality video FHD
  • pro motion and montage 
  • controlling zooming distance 
  • controlling zooming speed 
  • you can add text, BG music, logo or any customizing you need 
  • you can jamb up to 10 locations with track lines

We are glad to help all of you in order to make your pro zooming video possible!

If you have any other requirements and don't hesitate to tell us,anytime!