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I can make your bot amazing by doing. Rich messages - the bot can send buttons, images, Sequences,files etc. Personalized messages - e.g. the message includes the name of the user And the emojis Message broadcasting - newsletter subscription, updates, promotions and much more Natural Language Processing (NLP) - Artificial Intelligence (AI),to build the powerful facebook messenger chatbot that help you to sell FAST.

To build the powerful facebook messenger chatbot that help you to sell FAST.

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I'm an innovative entrepreneur from Europe helping companies all over the world sell more products/services by using cutting-edge marketing strategies. Use my skills in your advantage - you'll sell a lot more products/services. I'm working in online marketing world for 5 years. I have 3 years experience in marketing PSYCHOLOGY and PERSUASION - that's one of the most valuable skills in marketing world. Because the world is full of offers - and you need to DIFFERENTIATE yourself to GET NOTICED! I will help you with copy writing, selling, social media marketing & advertising. Get the best salesperson to Close sales and Get leads for you 24/7 - A chatbot will bring you 10X more leads than Your website without spending more $$$ on advertising! 99% of people will leave your company and never become your customers just because you keep them waiting. People HATE to wait. People HATE to call. People WANT to chat. You can complain about it, or you can make sure that your business doesn't suffer from this reality.

I developed 350+ chatbots in the last 3 years and here are some results: - A GYM: 1700 new leads in 3 months & cost per lead decreased by 120%! - AN E-COMMERCE: over 500 people in a pre-sale campaign in a month. - A RESTAURANT: 1300 new customers in less than a year. - A BEAUTY SALON: 400 new clients in 2 months. - A REAL ESTATE agent: 800 leads in less than 4 months. - A CHIROPRACTOR: 100 clients in less than 3 months. - A SOFTWARE company: 3000 new customers. - A FINANCIAL company: 35000 new clients in 6 months. - A CAR LEASING company: over 100 people in the first month. - A TRAVEL AGENCY: 11000 customers in 3 months = $250000.

I CAN DO THIS FOR YOU TOO - NO MATTER WHAT’S YOUR BUSINESS! Messaging Platform Facebook Messenger Website Bot Type Shopping/Ordering Customer Service Lead Info Capture Development Technology Chatfuel, Manychat Other NTELLIGENT PRO CHATBOT FOR FB PAGE Up to 10 interactions. Welcome message, links, pictures included. 10 days support FOR FREE! Up to 30 interactions. Everything from basic + products included. 15 days support FOR FREE! Up to 50 interactions. Everything + products + advanced settings. 30 days support FOR FREE!