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Develop 3D modeling, rigging,texturing focus in blender,game asset etc.,I'll create AWESOME 3D MODELS both organic and inorganic with low poly and high detail. Be it biped, quadruped, robotic, humanoid, Or any new concept you have in mind.

Develop 3D modeling, rigging,texturing focus in blender,game asset etc

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About me:

I am a 3D Artist with more than 10+ years in blender. Quality work is my key expertise and insist on delivering what is the best for my clients anywhere that keeps pushing me forward for an excellency. I do 3D modeling, Rendering, Texturing, Animation for miniature, Game, 3D printing. etc., I will create for you a 3D character/object rigged animated and textured as you Like ... Just tell me what you have in mind then i will make it real ... PLS! send me some texts of a clear description of what you need and i will sit on my badass and see what i can do about it :) -

Please define these steps to avoid any misunderstanding :

1.[the character wanted] 

2.Needed for : Game/Animation/3D printing ...

3.Low Poly / High Poly

4.unlimited faces / limited

5.special effects : realistic/cartoonist...

6.any kind of specific Movement needed in the character-animation-

7.The Formats needed ( check for the list of file formats available )

PS:( if you Don't know exactly what you are looking for? Then,Just send me a message and we will discuss about it and i will help you up).

Thanks for picking me for this work :) hope you will like it later on with all my respects & regards in ahead of time.

Well...I am a 3D artist ,& i can do : -3D character modelling. -texturing. -rigging. -animation, -and any 3D modelling for you.

Purposes: a)Game-Style b)Low Poly-File Format c)FBX-BLEND, STL, DAE.